New Home

Building that new home is going to be a stressful time.  Avoid as much stress as you can by spending time in the planning stage.

Larry begins the process with working with you on every detail of the floor plan.  Looking at your site, the options you may have and then planning through every scenario.

Hate to say this and you can ask anyone that has built a new home, budget more than you expect. Need to look at all items from electrical and gas meters, internet & cable hookups the type of landscaping you want. Are you wanting outdoor concrete, fences and gates, decking and letterboxes are all part of new home construction costs. Look at the finishing costs. Other items include site costs and zoning fees, which are the costs associated with preparing your site for construction, and you may also have to pay for planning application fees. This is where a detailed conversation with Larry can help avoid any pitfalls.  Call All Phase Construction Plus,LLC at 616-540-2124.