New Garage Construction

New Garage Construction is normally part of building a new home.  However, there are times when it is an afterthought or the budget at the time did not allow.

At All Phase Construction Larry works hard on your behalf to look at all aspects and to help you get the most from every project they do.

Attached or Detached.  Every homeowner has different needs. Is it time to convert the attached garage in a living space?  The detached garage can provide design options on the angle it is built from the home, behind the home etc.

Garage Options:

  • Adding a craft room to a second story is an idea to consider when building the garage.  
  • Adding shed dormers to the second story provides more head room and a very unique look to your home.
  • Design the garage with a drive through option for either the car or lawn mower, tractor and snow blowers.  
  • Don’t forget ‘MORE POWER’. Add a sub-panel in the garage for not only more power but for convenience.

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